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Issue 31 of the museum of americana is live!

Welcome to The Food Court, Introduction by Montéz Jennings

There are a few things that, in theory, can both bring people together and tear them apart. One of those things is food. I have an interest in writing about food and those who write about food. Specific ingredients that go into a dish express the unspoken care of the chef. Food is the fabric of our being, the nourishment that sustains us, and food can cause a smile, tears, a memory, or debates involving sugar versus salt as a topping. The writings featured here reflect the significance of food in our lives as more than something we eat. From stories of meals assisting in coping with grief to reclamation and nostalgia, a dinner, a plate, food invokes emotions that become ingrained in the threads of who we are. Food and recipes are an art form that preserve storytelling—even fast foods. History can be traced through what we eat and where the people who were here before us ate. Food creates friendships and families. It is a love language and a means of self-discovery. We have the power to create, revise, edit, and change a facet of culture with food. In this issue of the museum of americana, The Food Court works here have contributed to a menu that spans across regions and countries. Tiny breadcrumbs of us left behind in a place where we have indulged in a meal. From the long days that seem to drain our social batteries to the clang of glasses at extravagant dinners, the moments crafted around these meals are what make these stories, songs, and images worth exploring. The Food Court

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