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Panelist invitation on the theme of 'Exploring Trauma Through Art'.

We'll be led by Terri's insights and look forward to artists contributing with their lived experiences in a meaningful discussion.

To take part please email: by 1st October.

Prompts to think about:

• What are your experiences of trauma, and how are they expressed through your artwork?

• Does trauma ever hinder the creative process?

• What is your hidden language as an artist?

• Is trauma a universal phenomenon or contained within selective experiences?

• Are triggers indicative that trauma is still present or simply we react as humans?

• Are there layers of depth when exploring trauma in art?

• Are quotes like 'art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable' an accurate portrayal when looked in relation to trauma and art?

• Does culture impact how trauma is explored through art?

• What does healing through trauma look like in art?

• As an artist, how would you identify the completion of the healing process?

• The role of the artist in helping others to heal through trauma.

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